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Selecting or building your home is a major investment.  As you do
your research, we gladly will provide references from our
homeowners, sub-contractors, realtors, and our bank.  For your
convenience, please find feedback from some of our homeowners below:
How was the response time and corrective action for either questions or
issues that arose after you moved in?
Was the design process enjoyable and effective in achieving your
vision?  Did your home take advantage of the lot features during the
lot selection process?
Were the home features and budget well understood before signing the
Did the home deliver the quality, features, and value you expected for
the budget you had?
Did you have sufficient access to the builder and the construction site?  
Were you kept informed of the schedule and given sufficient time to
make your choices to support the schedule?
Do you have any other comments?
At the time, the lot selections were low...and we ended up with
one of yours.  The huge dry creek was a concern, but the
clean-up of it turned out great.  
Cyndi & Dominic Omiagbo
The budget was well defined.  The vendors were really great.  
Cyndi & Dominic Omiagbo
You were the first builder in my building experiences to give a
detailed work schedule, and you updated it as needed.  I was
very impressed by that.  
Kim Morgan
Loved the crown molding and trim.  Bobby and Sandra Terry

We like the spacious kitchen and bathroom and color balance.  
Seoung Joun Won and Seung Hee Han

Yes. We feel we have a very well built home....Vendor knowledge
was great and liked the ability to have a choice in upgrades.  
Cyndi & Dominic Omiagbo

t was really nice to learn that you like to do quality homes, and
that your starting point is to assume quality is the standard.  Too
many builders will build a habitable structure, with quality being
extra.  We were pleased to learn that, when nice features were
mentioned, they were already in the bid.

Bill Knox
Great.  We think you and Dena are great to work with.  Bobby
and Sandra Terry

Excellent overall.  Seoung Joun Won and Seung Hee Han

Very good.  We had minor things and they were taken care of.  
Cyndi & Dominic Omiagbo

The response time to issues was good.  I always felt that my
concerns were important and would be addressed.  
Kim Morgan
You were great to work with.  Your homes are of very good
quality and if we ever bought another we would want Designer
Home Builders.  
Bobby and Sandra Terry

Thank you for wonderful house.  Seoung Joun Won and Seung
Hee Han

We are really impressed with your commitment to green
building.  We were able to utilize some of your options. I think its
great and hope others recognize this excellent quality of
yours-one of many.
Cyndi & Dominic Omiagbo

Were there any surprises--when are there not, that is part of
it--but you addressed these so I don't consider them a surprise
and we worked them out.  That is why you are above the rest in
my opinion.  
Kim Morgan
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The time you spent with me discussing all of the details and
designing and redesigning was wonderful  
Kim Morgan
Yes.  We visited the site often and enjoyed viewing the progress.  
The schedule was good.  We never really felt pressured into
quick decisions.  
Cyndi & Dominic Omiagbo
email:       Cell:  573.529.6601
Were our discussions on green building concepts and energy efficient
design factors helpful to you?
We really appreciated your input and suggestions.  Cost is always
a factor, and your help was excellent in that regard.  
Bill Knox