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Upon completion of the home, Designer Home Builders obtains and
provides the Certificate of Occupancy from the city or county.  We
perform a final walk-through with you and discuss how best to
maximize the green and energy star features in your new home with
your owners manual.  We provide you with our warranty
information.  At closing, the final payment is made to Designer
Home Builders.
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A proud builder of Energy Star qualified homes
Our specialty is working with you to design and build your custom home,
incorporating many Energy Star features.  We have experience in the latest
energy saving and environmentally responsible technologies, including geothermal
heating and cooling, radiant heat floors, passive solar, and extensive use of
recycled products.

We can start with your plan, or with a simple concept or sketch that we then
flesh out based on your input, with as many design iterations as needed to get
your home precisely the way you want.  You can review our design capabililties
and CAD system in more detail by viewing our
design process.
When you start researching your home, we would like to interview with
you.  You can call previous homeowners for references and see our
previously built homes around Columbia (or via photos in our computer).
We will then develop a preliminary design that will show the basics:  
layout, room sizes, basic features.  

Once the basic design is modified to your satisfaction, we will meet at
potential building sites to discuss terrain and home location, as well as
covenants and architectural guidelines.  As potential
home sites are narrowed down, we continue modifying
the plans, and start working on the exterior elevations.

Upon final lot selection, I will work with you to finalize
and detail out the plans that meet your needs & taste,
and take advantage of your lot's assets.  Of course, you can have your
plans drawn by an architect, and then meet with us to review them.

Once the plans are approved, we will calculate the price, based on the lot
and detailed set of plans and specifications, including allowances.  We
guarantee this firm price, so you don't have to worry about surprises
during construction or at closing.  
You are welcome to visit the job site at any time to monitor and
participate in the construction of your home.  Of course, you can also
contact Dena or me at any time.  We often meet with clients in the
evening and on weekends to help coordinate selections at vendors and to
discuss progress and schedules.  We also have accounts with most
suppliers in Columbia, and would be happy to set up additional accounts
if you choose to buy allowance items from different suppliers.

We average 7 months from ground breaking to move-in. This time
period includes  weather delays, and assumes your choices are made
within their given time frame.  A project schedule is developed and
maintained so you know when your decisions need to be made well in
Financing the project is usually done through a construction loan that you obtain since
normally you will have your lot on which to build your custom home.
  • We typically request $2,500 deposit on contracts where you provide the land.
  • Once construction begins, we request bi-monthly construction draws (payments based on
    invoiced work done) from your bank for work completed.
  • We obtain waivers from suppliers and sub-contractors for each draw before the next
    construction draw.
Further, before a contract is signed, we will show you examples from
our homes or ask you to visit our recommended suppliers to ensure we
meet your vision of your finished home.  Our 3-D virtual tours that
allow you to "walk" through your home will provide additional confidence.

Allowance items include exterior materials (brick, stone, dryvit, siding),
floor coverings, kitchen and bath cabinets and tops, light fixtures,
appliances, built-ins, bathroom fixtures and accessories, paint, and

After a thorough review of the allowances, we sign the firm price
construction contract.  Allowance overruns increase the price of the
home by the amount of the overrun, and when allowances are not fully
spent, the difference is credited to you and the price of the home
Congratulations!!  You now move into your custom home!  
Designer Home Builders provides a project schedule at the beginning of the
project for the entire process up to move-in.  This is updated at least twice
a month, and clearly shows the dates when your selection decisions are
We arrange all engineering design and building inspections by the appropriate
officials, including third party inspection for Energy Star certification.  
Designer Home Builders always  maintains a general liability policy and
builders risk policy, and we  use well established, qualified sub-contractors
who meet our strict quality standards and insurance requirements.