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Our "building blocks" feature allows us to even
start with a short description of the rooms you
want and approximate relationship and sizes.  We
can quickly produce many iterations, complete with
total finished square footage, in an interactive
session with you.
Ken Kroll has designed layouts and floor
plans for both industrial and residential
projects for 30 years.  Designer Home
Builders uses a state of the art CAD system
to easily and efficiently design your home.
Once the overall layout and total
square footage meets your
requirements, Ken can convert the
building blocks to a floor plan with a
single click.  We then can start
working on the details of the layout,
including windows, door styles,
cabinets, plumbing fixtures, etc.

After you approve of the detailed
floor plan, we can then take a virtual
tour of that plan to help you validate
and correct anything you don't like!
The next step to help you validate your design is
placing furniture to scale in the rooms in 2-D &
3-D.  This allows you to "see" if the rooms are
big enough, or too big, based on your furniture
and lifestyle.  We also can "paint" the rooms in
any Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams paint,
or look at different trim options, flooring,
cabinet styles, and countertops.  

Once you are happy with the inside details, we
can review the exterior sides in 3-D and make
changes as needed.

This process allows us to take out most of the
guesswork and worry about how your selections
will look together.  
Now that we have "built your house" in the computer, we then can fine tune
your budget and allowances with your confidence that this home will meet your
desires and tastes.  
During the design and budgeting process, we will also discuss additional building
options and techniques to make your home as sustainable and green as you
desire.  Insulated concrete forms (ICF's), structural insulated panels (SIP's),
geothermal HVAC,
passive solar, and active solar (photovoltaic roof panels) are
options that we can include in the design and construction of your home.

With the construction plans and necessary details to build already developed by
this process, we are ready to break ground with your full confidence that this
project will be a great experience during the construction.  You will have a home
that provides a comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient habitat for many
email:       Cell:  573.529.6601