Ken  Kroll has over 25 years experience in commercial and
residential construction.  Ken uses his industrial engineering degree
and experience in facilities layout,  management, and construction
to design very functional floor plans for any lifestyle.  His
experience with several companies in different countries and states
has exposed Ken to a large variety of cultures, lifestyles,
architecture,and building practices.  

Ken's ability to design floor plans and elevations  on his computer
when working with clients enables cost considerations and budgets
to progress simultaneously with the design process, speeding up the
planning process with less frustration and minimal changes or
surprises once construction begins.  
Dena Kroll has developed an ability
through many custom homes to combine
colors, materials, and styles together to
produce homes of warmth and elegance.  

Dena works with clients on selections for cabinets, paint, floor coverings,
and light fixtures to help them realize their dream home.  

The results of her efforts are seen throughout this web site.
Dena and I decided to move to Columbia to build homes in 2004.  
We are fortunate to be able to live our passion where Dena grew
up.  Columbia is a great place to live, whether starting a family,
continuing to raise an existing family, or moving toward

We are members of the local and national home builders
associations, and Ken will serve as Columbia's Builders Council
Chairperson in 2009.

Our  commitment to ensure our homes complement the terrain
while minimizing environmental impact  includes Energy Star
certification and green building techniques like
passive solar and
rain gardens.  Further, we  rate our homes to the NAHB Green
Program with 3rd party verification, and include the analysis in
the homeowner's manual.

We are dedicated to enhancing the value and beauty of this
community one home at a time, passionately following our mission
statement and business philosophy that we discussed on our

Thanks for taking time to visit us. Have a great day!!
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A proud builder of Energy Star qualified homes
He enjoys using his project and supply chain management
experience to finish a home within budget and on schedule.
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email:       Cell:  573.529.6601